June 3, 2023

Is SeaWorld San Diego on your vacation wish list? We’ve rounded up our fans’ best tips to ensure you have a fantastic time at the park. Their best advice? Experience the fun of seeing the animals!

Here are some insider tips for visiting SeaWorld San Diego Explorer’s Reef

Donovan, California

Before your visit, check the park hours and show times on the website, and check for attraction closures. Winter (January through May) is the offseason for some attractions because of maintenance.

Check the park’s rules before bringing anything in. And get a locker too! A locker is required for carry-ons on Manta flights.

Early arrival or early opening are the best times to visit the park. During the morning, lines for rides are shorter and crowds are less. As a result, you’ll have more time to explore the park.

Make sure you stay for at least six to eight hours. It is possible to see all the shows, animal exhibits, and rides in this amount of time.

It is best to avoid walking near the amphitheaters at the end of shows, as crowds will pour out then.

Get conducted a study for the animals at Explorers Reef by touching the touch pools. Besides the exhibits and aquariums, there are many other things to do at the park. Among my favorite animal exhibits, I enjoy the Shark Encounter and the Orca Underwater Viewing.

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I hope you have a great time at the fair! Enjoy the rides, the shows, and the animals!

The Explorer’s Reef at SeaWorld San Diego: Insider Tips for Visitors

Cassie, California

If you think you’ll be returning a few times before the year is over, consider a Fun Card. You can get an Annual Pass if you think you will return more frequently.

In the park, my personal favorites are Calypso Bay Smokehouse, Shipwreck Reef Cafe, Explorer’s Cafe, and Baja Grill.

Try Explorer’s Cafe’s chocolate cake cup for a tasty snack. My husband and I don’t share it, but it probably could be split ;)!

Take part in DeepSee VR: Orca 360. SEO San Diego practices is only $10 per person, and you can feel like you’re right next to orcas and even virtually swim with them. The experience is truly amazing, and I don’t think many people know about it.

Blog Insider Tips for Visiting SeaWorld San Diego’s Journey to Atlantis

Dakota, California

Study the animal kingdom and find out how you can help them as well as their environment. Be prepared to get wet. Take tons of pictures!

SeaWorld San Diego Dolphin Encounter Insider Tips

Alexis, Arizona

Plan your vacation a few months in advance and buy your tickets in advance. You won’t want to forget your tickets!

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes before each show begins so you can get a great seat.

Go see all the animals.

It is important to take breaks so you don’t tire yourself out and so you don’t get everything done too quickly.

Beluga Interaction Program at SeaWorld San Diego: Blog Insider Tips

Moe, California

Sunscreen for the sun, windbreaker or jacket for people who get cold easily.

Make sure you change clothes before riding Journey to Atlantis in the heat of the day.

Have kids and want photos? Keep your memories safe with PhotoKey.

Want a true interaction? If you can, swim with dolphins or beluga whales or get a behind-the-scenes tour.

Dine with Orcas.

Sunset at Bayside Skyride, no better picture.


An Insider’s Guide to SeaWorld San Diego’s Manta Ride

Jessica, California

For stress-free seat selection at shows, download the app.

Make sure the kids have towels and sunscreen with them.

To ride the water rides, pack flip-flops and good walking shoes.

If it’s raining, pack a plastic bag to keep your belongings dry.

Tips for visiting SeaWorld San Diego’s Shipwreck Rapids ride in our blog

Jennifer, California

Utilize the park map you’re given to plan your day. Invite your kids, a friend, your parents, your in-laws. It’s a great place to take pictures and simply enjoy the views. Take it all in. If you don’t already have one, get an Annual Pass before you leave.

Shark Encounter Insider Tips from SeaWorld San Diego

Rose, California

Been going since 1991. As my grandma tells me, I have been going since I was a day old. Our family has become a member now.

To enjoy recent study by Social Cali Digital Marketing Agency and the water rides, bring some quarters and water bombs.

Take pictures and videos when you have a full battery.

During the summer, it is usually better to get to the park early to avoid a long wait, or you can purchase a Quick Queue pass.

Make sure you use your Annual Pass if you have one.

Shamu Plush Insider Tips for Visiting SeaWorld San Diego

Alexis, California

There’s water pretty much everywhere. Be sure not to wear anything you don’t want to get wet. For the national anthem, arrive early. Besides that, there’s so much to see in so little time.

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